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Classes for all ages and competitive style.

Recreational program – Claire’s School of Dancing provides quality recreational programs to children and teens. Our teachers are encouraging and energetic and are great role models. Recreational classes are challenging, fun, rewarding and are a great way to exercise and meet new friends. Classes are offered starting at ages 5 and 6 in jazz, tap, ballet and acro as well hip hop starting at age 9. All recreational students have the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned at our year end recital. Students who display a great work ethic and constant improvement may be asked to join our competitive troupe at the teacher’s discretion.




Competitive program – Our competitive and pre-competitive programs are offered to children ages 6 & up who have shown great improvements and wish to enter a more challenging and rewarding world of dance. The competitive program teaches children the value of teamwork, organizational skills, as well as the value of encouraging their teammates during rehearsals and competitions.
Competitive classes are offered in all disciplines though they are not required to take each class, they are encouraged to take as many as they wish to strengthen their technique along with the required ballet class. Competitive students will participate in 1-2 out of town competitions annually.


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