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Q:  Why should I choose Claire’s School of Dancing?


A:  Claire's School of Dancing has been teaching children dance since 1973. We will help your child develop grace and poise as well as a higher self-esteem, better coordination, self-discipline, creativity, self-confidence, a healthy body and mind and most importantly, a LOVE FOR DANCE! Your child will be able to interact with other children and develop lasting friendships, while gaining an education.


Q:  Does your studio have accredited teachers?


A:  Yes our teachers are certified through ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers).  Our classes are based on ADAPT ( system. This certified syllabus is designed to provide an excellent foundation for both the competitive and recreational dancer. ADAPT certified professionals are leaders in quality dance training.
The ADAPT dance syllabus offers yearly examinations for those who meet the required standard.


Q:  Can my child still join the classes if a term has already started?


A:  Yes, our dance program starts in September however we are able to accept registration into our recreational dance programs up to the end of November.


Q:  How long is your dance season?


A:  Our classes run for 9 month from September to the beginning of June.


Q:  How many students are in your classes?


A:  Typically we try to keep the class size ranging from 12 to 15 students. In some cases the class may have more students; however, these classes will have an assistant assigned to help. The minimum number of participants needed to run a class is 6. If we do not receive enough interest to offer the class you have registered for we will contact you with other options.

Q:  How does payment work?

A:  At the time of registration, payments of two (2) pre-authorized withdrawals is due on the first day of each term.   Void cheque/banking, or credit card authorization is required.

  • Monthly automated withdrawals are available upon request

  • Summer payment arrangements are available for the following dance season


Term dates begin:  September 1st and January 1st.


Q:  How do I hear about events that are happening at the studio?


A:  All announcements for competition dates or school activities will be provided to you by email,   posted at the studio, and on our website.  Please take the time to read all email updates, notices and letters given to you and the dancers. 


Q:  Can we sit in on my child dance class?

To minimize traffic inside the lobby, Parents are asked to drop off and pick up their child at the door if possible.  If a student requires a parent to stay, there are designated seats in the lobby.


A:  Parents/Guardians/Observers are not permitted in the classroom while in session.  This is very distracting to the teacher as well to the dancers in the class.  There is however a window on the studio door for you to look in on the class.


Q:  Does my child require a costume?


A:  All dancers perform in the year end recital and will require a costume.  
All costumes will be ordered by CSD.

  • All will be the responsibility of the dancer.

  • In order to defray costs of costumes, a $50.00 non-refundable deposit will be due at time of registration for each costume.

  • Balance of costume(s) fees is due on February 1st.


Q:  What holidays does the studio close for?


A:  The studio is closed for the following holidays throughout the dance season:

Thanksgiving Weekend, Halloween, Winter Break, Family Day, Spring Break, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day Weekend

Please note that these classes have already been deducted from the term payment.


Q:  What is expected from our dancers?


  • Be respectful and polite to all dancers, staff, and parents


  • Punctuality and attendance for classes must be respected


  • Hair must be tied and pulled back for every class


  • Proper dance attire must be worn for all classes (An information sheet will be provided)


  • No chewing gum, food or candy permitted in class.  Only water is permitted.


  • No cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted in class.  They will be confiscated by your

    instructor and returned at the end of the class.


  • No use of abusive language inside or outside of class


  • No pushing, tripping or horseplay with other dancers.


  • No unnecessary chatting or interrupting the instructor while class is in session.


  • Pick up after yourself – ie garbage, personal belongings.  Keep our studio looking neat and tidy!



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